The Evolution of E-Commerce

A Comprehensive DeFi EcoSystem For The Carbon Credit Industry


The KYOTO NETWORK’s ecosystem comprises of five components, which will be gradually developed and launched. Initially, the product will be launched on the Binance Smart Chain network. After this, the team plans to launch on other networks such as Ethereum, ETH2, Polygon, and Solana. To learn more please visit Kyoto Network

Who We Are

Our mission is to create a world where all transactions take place securely and efficiently without the need for intermediaries.


A world where the authenticity of assets can be quickly and easily confirmed, and the environmental impact of any asset can be neutralised.

In order to achieve this, we have created the world’s first full-service NFT creation and promotion platform; the first fully functional NFT marketplace where anyone can buy and trade NFTs across crypto and traditional currencies, and the most eco-friendly trading platform on the planet. Our platform “grants everyone easy-access to the world of NFTs” notably because we allow users to buy and cash out in fiat.

What We Do

Create NFT

Our user-friendly builder allows you to create and design your NFT within the Digitorize Platform

Authenticate NFT

Each NFT is individually Digitorized with a unique encrypted key, and listed with any provenance.

Sell NFT

Every sale has a story. We allow you to build a sale around that story by ensuring that every step of the process is taken into account

Connect Own Wallet

You have the option to either use our auto wallet creation or connect your existing wallet

Mint a Carbon Neutral NFT

The average NFT transaction is estimated to have a carbon footprint of 48kg of CO2. By assigning 5% of a carbon credit to your NFT through Digitorize, you can counter the emissions impact.

Make My NFT Carbon Neutral

Digitorize is the only platform that allows you to both create Carbon Neutral NFTs, and carbon neutralise NFTs created elsewhere

Use Skin to Create NFT

The Digitorize builder allows you to select from our preconfigured range of skins and connect multiple files to an NFT, so you can create a comprehensive asset file.


Discover the widest variety of asset classes on the Digitorize platform with access to exclusive digital and physical assets seen only on the Digitorize platform.

Create Own Marketplace

Build your own shop to match your brand or aesthetic in our multi-vendor marketplace.

Create Wallet

Digitorize automatically creates a wallet in which you can store your NFTs and/or your cryptocurrency.

Use Wallet For NFT Only

Strict process and verification at every step means that anyone using our platform can have complete confidence

Buy & Sell NFT In Fiat or Crypto

Buy NFTs with both Fiat (traditional currencies) and Cryptocurrencies. Sellers can cash out in Fiat, direct to their personal wallet or bank account

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